Alumni Dinner

UBC Civil Engineering Alumni Dinner

The Civil Club is hosting the 2017 UBC Civil Engineering Alumni Dinner, a formal dinner event, on March 4, 2017 at Marriott Vancouver Pinnacle Hotel. The Alumni Dinner aims to bridge the gap between students and alumni by providing an opportunity for them to network and engage with each other. It also serves as a platform for old friends and classmates to reconnect and celebrate their success and achievements over the past years.
With over 3,400 alumni and 400 students invited to the event, the Alumni Dinner promises to be the largest UBC Civil Engineering Community gathering for the year.


The Civil Club

The UBC Civil Engineering Club is a student society comprised of all undergraduate students in the UBC Civil Engineering Program. The Civil Club broadens learning beyond an academic degree and fosters pride in the multi-faceted accomplishments of our members.


Alumni Engagement

With over 3800 members, the UBC Civil Engineering department has one of the largest network of students and alumni in UBC Engineering. The network boasts a number of influential and distinguished alumni, as well as exceptional student leaders.



The Alumni Dinner presents itself as one of the few opportunities where this growing network are invited to celebrate UBC Civil Engineering and its members under one roof. As a partner, you will be investing in annual event where we can build a stronger civil engineering community.

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