Policy Manual & Constitution


Policy Manual & Constitution

The proposed Civil Club Policy Manual and Constitution are provided below. Please contact the Civil Club President if you have any questions or concerns.

The constitution was quite outdated and has been largely rewritten, with some parts moved into the policy manual. The policy manual is a new document aimed at providing the Civil Club with better management and accountability in the future. These documents have both been written to reflect the current EUS Constitution and Policy Manual.

Here are the key changes proposed in these documents:

  • The Vice-President role is split into VP Student Life, VP Admin, VP Finance, VP Academic and VP External
  • The roles of treasurer and academic coordinator have become VP roles
  • All other volunteer roles have been updated (the old constitution was missing a few) and reorganized according to our new org chart
    All positions have been redefined for clarity
    Both President and VP Finance are now required to be registered in at least 8 credits at UBC-Vancouver per Winter Session Term. This is because co-op students having either of these positions is not feasible.
    VP Finance is required to be held by one person for the entire year (students can not “co-run” for this position)
    The documents now reflect that the Civil Club also maintains the Design Studio
    Several policy changes to reflect changes within the EUS and AMS as well as current practices
    Recognizes CSCE, ITE and the 4 civil student teams as “ex-officio members,” giving them a vote on council, privileges and mandates the Civil Club to support these groups in any way we can.
    Adds policy on publications and equity
    Updates to the financial policy
    Updates the purpose of the Civil Club and adds a mission statement
    Adds policy on the Civil Student Leadership Awards