Student Leaders

Civil Engineering Student Leader Recipients

These individuals have demonstrated academic excellence and leadership potential in order to create a positive impact to the UBC Civil Engineering community.
The nomination deadline has passed. Nominations will reopen next year for the 2018 Civil Student Leadership Awards.

  • Antonio Castro

    Antonio Castro

    For everyone who knows him, Antonio’s greatest qualities are his kindness and genuine friendship. Yet his cheerful and buoyant demeanour is matched only by his dedication to the UBC CSCE, where he has dedicated 3 years to building a successful organization. As this year’s Co-President for the CSCE, Antonio successfully balances a friendly yet professional demeanour when addressing and communicating with students and industry members. He has supervised the organization of several successful industry events, such as, the annual CSCE Industry Night.

  • Monrit Chatha

    Monrit Chatha

    Few students are capable of going beyond what’s required of them to the extent that Monrit does. From her extra-curricular activities like Women in Engineering and the EERI seismic design team, to her impressive academics, Monrit is always reaching to achieve more. She is reliable in being available to help her peers in whatever way she can. Monrit’s ability to set a pace and help others reach their goals as well is why Monrit is a great student leader. Her professionalism and her positive attitude make her an ideal leader and an invaluable component of any team.

  • Joshua Redmond

    Joshua Redmond

    Few can claim as many to have spent as many hours on student projects as Joshua Redmond can. He has been on the UBC Concrete Toboggan team for four years, lead the superstructure team and was the assistant captain in 2016, and captained the team this year. Josh’s achievements with the team include helping secure second place overall at GNCTR 2016 for UBC, and under his leadership in 2017, the team achieved several milestones. At GNCTR 2017, we received second place in concrete mix and reinforcement design, an area Josh was heavily involved in.

  • Paul Trinh

    Paul Trinh

    This individual demonstrated leadership and contributed towards the betterment of the civil engineering society. He is currently the team lead for Concrete Canoe where he overlooks the technical design and other administrative roles. He demonstrated leadership through training sessions, management, and communication internally and externally. He was also the webmaster for Civil Club, where he initiated the revamp of the club’s website. I would like to present this award to Paul Trinh.

  • Shara Viaje

    Shara Viaje

    This individual has demonstrated leadership through the various volunteer roles she has undertaken. In 2014, she became the treasurer for Civil Engineering Club. From there, she wanted to create a bigger impact within her department and took the challenge to co-run as the president of Civil Engineering Club in 2015. This year, while finishing her last few classes left in her undergraduate degree, she’s still involved as one of the Grad Representatives spearheading events like the graduation trip. Her great energy drives her to take on challenging tasks while maintaining a positive attitude. She is very dedicated in helping create a better Civil Engineering community and will contribute as much as she can to the cause.