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Canadian Society for Civil Engineers – UBC Student Chapter

The Canadian Society for Civil Engineers (CSCE) unites engineers throughout Canada by promoting professional development and continued learning.



Institute of Transportation Engineers – UBC Student Chapter

The objective of the UBC ITE Student Chapter is to provide civil engineering students with an understanding of the field of transportation engineering, and the career opportunities in the field that are available to them. To this end, UBC ITE acts as a link with industry and researchers, and hosts various events throughout the year, related to transportation engineering will be held.
If you are interesting in joining UBC ITE (first-year membership is FREE), or have any other questions or comments, please contact us at

Student Teams

Concrete Canoe Team

The UBC Concrete Canoe Design Team is an extra-curricular club that gives students hands-on experience with concrete design. The team consists of engineering students from first year to fourth year. The yearly challenge is to design, fabricate and race a 20-foot long canoe made of concrete, with a lower density than water (normal concrete being 2-3 times denser than water) and durable enough to be used in multiple races with two or four paddlers onboard.

Concrete Toboggan

UBC TBog are an engineering student team from UBC that competes in the annual Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race (GNCTR).

It is the oldest and largest engineering student competition in Canada. The goal is to design, construct, and race a toboggan with a sliding surface made of concrete. Toboggans must be under 300 pounds and carry five riders. Toboggans must have a braking system, steering system, and roll cage. The first race was held in 1974 in Red Deer, Alberta. The team is an opportunity for students to practice technical skills that they have learned in their classes while improving teamwork and planning skills in a supportive atmosphere. Technical experience includes concrete design, steel design, construction safety, and lab techniques. Nontechnical experience includes teamwork, organization, communication, and scheduling. This is especially true for team members who choose to take on a lead planning or design task. This could come from planning activities, writing reports, calling meetings, coordinating with event organizers, and more.

EERI Seismic Design Competition Team

The EERI Seismic Design Team provides students with the opportunity to apply the complex theories of seismic design to a hands-on project. The team competes in the annual Undergraduate Seismic Design Competition (SDC), hosted by the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) Student Leadership Council. Members of the team gain experience in teamwork, design, and analysis, construction difficulties, professional presentation and more. Visit the UBC EERI Seismic Design Team or the EERI Student Leadership Council (SLC) Facebook Pages to learn more, or email to reach the team directly.


UBC Steel Bridge Team

The UBC Steel Bridge Design Team allows Civil Engineering students to apply their technical knowledge from the classroom to a unique steel design challenge, while making connections with other students in their program and professionals within the industry. Every year, the team designs, fabricates and constructs a 20-foot long bridge to bring to competitions across North America, where the bridge is evaluated for strength, constructability, and economy. Visit our website at, check out our Facebook page, or contact to learn more!