The Underground

The Underground

The Underground

The Civil Underground is a weekly publication of UBC’s Civil Engineering Students.

Submission Guidelines

In order to submit your article to the Underground, fill in the form completely by Saturday at 5pm before the Sunday publishing date. The Underground Editor reserves the right to reduce and adjust all information published through Underground in order to accommodate space restrictions, to maintain briefness of the mailout, and for consistency’s sake.

Appropriate Announcements

Your submission must be relevant to the students somehow. That is, for example, please don’t submit articles about your cat, even though I really do love cats. Unless it is a civil cat. That would be appropriate. And adorable.

You may not submit event/program advertisements that are only available to students within certain engineering programs or clubs – it must be relevant to all Engineering students in your submission category. Submissions must be non-club-membership biased! However, the following types of submissions are acceptable:

  • Multi-disciplinary programs/events/scholarships
  • Programs/events/scholarships for students interested in a particular program (as long as you do not have to be in that program to apply/attend)
  • Recruitment events if open to all engineering students in your submission category

If you are unsure about your submission, just ask the editor!!