Civil Student Awards 2019

01 Dilisan.png

Dilisan Sunthareswaran

Rookie of the Year

Dilisan is in his second year of civil engineering, and has taken his first steps running. Not only is he excelling academically and is set to start his first Co-op in structural engineering this summer, but he has been heavily involved in the UBC CSCE Student chapter, and instrumental in the organization of the largest professional development events hosted in the Civil Department. His jovial and kind-hearted personality has brought along his peers to also get involved in the organization of these professional development opportunities, and he has already begun spearheading his own events through the CSCE.

02 Erica.jpg

Erica Mason

Lifetime Achievement Award

Erica Mason has been a die-hard civil for as long as I’ve know her and is often found at numerous and various engineering events with camera in hand. She’s shown engineering pride, dedication and leadership through her involvement in the Civil Club, Concrete Toboggan, and the EUS. As the Civil President two years in a row, she has completed much of the heavy lifting that has elevated the Civil Club to where it is today making restructuring and systematic changes the club will benefit from for years to come. Erica is always looking for opportunities that benefit the Civil student body as a whole and is an outstanding leader of the Civil Engineering community.

03 Arjun.JPG

Arjun Prihar

Civil Student Leadership Award

Arjun's efforts towards promoting professionalism, external outreach, and development opportunities are a true asset to the Undergraduate Civil Engineering community. He is tireless in his efforts to maintain UBC's CSCE Student Chapter exemplary performance as this year's CSCE President providing students with numerous professional development opportunities. Arjun is always coming up with new initiatives like this year's very successful Sustainability Panel and Indigenous Panel that are a huge asset to the community.

04 Jason.JPG

Jason Hsin

Civil Student Leadership Award

Jason is an individual who demonstrates incomparable commitment and dedication. He is an active member and Senior Lead of the Concrete Canoe Design Team, and serves as Vice President of the ASCE Student Chapter. He has been an integral part of the Concrete Canoe Team for the past four years, and has held leadership roles for the past three years. Jason is a leader who equips those he is leading, always encouraging and supportive, yet providing challenging opportunities for growth at the same time. He is an exemplary leader by example and has taken personal initiative to facilitate workshops, industry presentations, and Concrete Canoe Membership Appreciation Night.

05 Julia.JPG

Julia Dinglasan

Civil Student Leadership Award

Julia is a 3rd year Civil Engineering student who spends much of her free time strengthening the community of the Civil Department, through her role as VP Student Life on the Civil Club. She brings not only her enthusiasm, focus, and unique ideas to the table, but encourages and allows others to do the same. She is not only instrumental in executing the many social events within the Civil Department, but has also pioneered initiatives such as the Indigenous Panel Discussion, that aims to broaden the department's understanding and importance of proper of stakeholder and community engagement as we move towards our professional careers as practicing engineers. This event is the first of many that Julia will spearhead to raise the standards for engineer soft skills in the workforce, ultimately making us all better members of our community. We are lucky to have such a accountable, thoughtful, and hardworking student as a member of the Civil Club Council.

06 Karen.JPG

Karin Huang

Civil Student Leadership Award

Karin is a hard-working individual who cares about creating learning and networking opportunities for students interested in transportation engineering. She strives to facilitate engagement between students and industry professionals, as well as promote  transportation engineering within the student body. As the co-president of UBC ITE Student Chapter this year, she did her utmost to bring useful networking opportunities with transportation industry professionals to the student body in the form of small events such as lunch and learns and large events such as the annual UBC ITE Student Chapter Industry Night. Karin always exhibits professionalism and a positive and charming demeanor that makes her a valuable addition to any team and she displays an efficiency and drive that allows her to take on any leadership challenge.

07 Paulina.JPG

Paulina Buskas

Civil Student Leadership Award

Paulina Buskas, along with her Co-Captain/other half Kayla Robinson (Geological Engineering), were this year’s incredible leaders of the UBC Concrete Toboggan team. Paulina has been a member of the UBC Concrete Toboggan team for the past five years and has been an integral part throughout; having been heavily involved in various leadership roles for the past three years. Through her work and efforts, the design goals of UBC Concrete Toboggan have improved and evolved each subsequent year Paulina was a part of the team. Without a doubt, this team would be nowhere near where it is right now without Paulina.  She maintains a passion that keeps the team going year after year; and as a result, this year has been one of our best performing toboggans. This success would not have been possible without Paulina’s leadership keeping everybody engaged and excited about the project. She has shown continual love for the team and the people on it.

08 Talita.JPG

Talita Galvao

Civil Student Leadership Award

Talita has demonstrated strong leadership abilities while serving as the UBC ASCE Student Chapter President. In this position, she is heavily involved with hosting numerous professional development events for the Civil Engineering student community. She has an active role with mentoring students in both the UBC ASCE and UBC Concrete Canoe Team to help develop their leadership and professional attributes. Talita has been involved with the UBC Concrete Canoe Team for four straight years, three of which she has served in team lead positions. Her leadership within the team has not only brought forth strong technical design contributions in both the hull and concrete mix design sub-teams, but is also a vital team lead on the managerial planning side. Her dedication and strong energy towards student development makes her a great leader and student mentor.

09 Antonio.jpg

Antonio Mendoza

Civil Student Leadership Award

Tony has demonstrated leadership through his roles in both the Civil Club and the Concrete Toboggan Team. As VP Student Life, Tony organized some highly successful social events that helped engage the civil community. As the UBC Concrete Toboggan Team Ski Design Lead, he has been integral to the team’s success this year while also ensure that each member felt welcome on the team. Tony also took charge of this year’s Grad Committee and helped organize grad social events. Tony is reliable, hardworking, and persevering, and all of these qualities make him a well-deserved recipient of a Student Leadership Award.