Get Involved

Want to get involved in the UBC Civil Engineering Club? Now is your chance! Your student society is looking for enthusiastic students who want to make a positive change in their community!

Civil Club Volunteer Recruitment will be accepting applications throughout the term! Interviews will be held on a rolling basis. Fill in the online form to apply.



This is our highest level of volunteer.  This type of position often includes overseeing a large aspect of a portfolio, coordinating other volunteers beneath them, and committing to 10 or more hours per week. These positions are elected each year.


Coordinators work on special projects, often under an executive, committing to 5-10 hours per week.


Representative positions are lower levels of commitment, but they’re still a great way to get involved with the Civil Club! Representatives do a lot of the legwork of the Civil Club, from putting up posters to selling Merch! This position is a less than 5 hour per week commitment.

Not sure about getting involved yet? Afraid of commitment? We also love general volunteers! You can give us ideas or help out at a few events. Simply stop by our next meeting and check us out.

Here are the available positions for the 2018-19 year!