Julia Dinglasan - el presidente

Hi y’all! I’m excited to be your president this year. I’m going into my fifth (and hopefully final) year at UBC, and I intend to pursue a career in something infrastructure-related. I’ve been involved with Civil Club for the past two years, starting off as secretary and eventually taking on the roles of Mentorship Coordinator and co-VP Student Life. I found that Civil Club was a great way to get involved at my own pace, find community, and build my resume. Outside of school and Civil Club, I enjoy watching sunsets, working out, learning about social justice issues, listening to podcasts on public transit, and crying while watching movies on planes.


Daniel HUMPHREYS - vp finance



nina tong - vp academic

Hi, I am Civil Club’s VP Academic for the upcoming year! I am in my sixth year of school, having done two years of coop. I was the VP Admin last year. My field of interest is water related (I am in between water treatment and water resources engineering). I like to go on jogs, bike, make foods from different cultures, explore the city, and chill out on the beach. This year, I will be running Beef & Pizza to get your feedback on courses, and I will likely be organizing some fun events for you guys to destress.